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Essentials of Wedding video by Best Indian Wedding Videographer

Making sure your wedding video is interesting enough to watch over and over again can be a challenge; after all most weddings follow a similar format. Here are seven wedding videography ideas to make your video unique, personal, and above all, watchable.

Telling the whole story: Art of the Wedding Videographer

Essentials of Wedding video by Indian Wedding Videographer - AVS360

Don’t limit yourself to the wedding day itself, but include short sections of film showing the build-up to the wedding. You can take footage of the engagement party, the dress fittings, the hens and bucks parties and the wedding preparations, as well as the ceremony and reception. You can also include a short section showing footage taken on the honeymoon. Your coverage of each aspect may be reduced, but you will have a fascinating video showing the entire wedding story.

Add a unique feature

Adding an unusual section to your wedding video is a modern option, and a popular choice is ‘trash the dress.’ This involves the bride wearing her bridal gown after the wedding and jumping around in muddy puddles, having small children cover her in the paint, or finding another way to trash the dress. You don’t have to go to this extreme, but having a unique feature at the end of your wedding video is a great idea.

Film guest messages

Essentials of Wedding video by Indian Wedding Videographer - AVS360 - best wedding photo

Having your guests record filmed messages for your wedding video isn’t an entirely new idea, but it adds a very personal touch to the finished product. Try setting up a separate video room with a comfortable sofa and a static video camera so your guests feel less self-conscious about recording their message in front of other people.

Create a trailer

Not all your guests will want to watch the entire wedding video, so condensing the footage into a high impact ‘trailer’ that shows the highlights set to an energetic soundtrack is a great way to share your memories. Many couples choose to publish their trailer online and then to print a link to it in their thank you cards.

Use a professional soundtrack

Asking your wedding videographer and setting your wedding video footage to a soundtrack might not sound that complicated, but making the images and music work seamlessly together can be quite tricky. A professional Wedding videographer will make sure the tempo of the music fits well with each section of the video, and that scene changes in the video are exactly on the beat of the music. Don’t just limit yourself to music. Using the audio of the father of the bride’s speech over a photo montage of the bride getting ready can quickly bring a tear to the eye.

Get hold of all the footage

While your guests won’t want to wade through hours of wedding video footage, you and your new husband might want to at some point. Ask your wedding videographer if you can have all the footage they have filmed on a hard drive from the edited version so that in a couple of years when the memories of the wedding day are fading, you can sit down and watch it all.

Contact the best Indian videographer, i.e. AVS360 now to treasure your best day till eternity!!!

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Best Wedding Photographer Tips to Overcome Excitement or Anxiety

You have hired the best wedding photographer, and have planned each detail in your mind, but wait. Is that Excitement or Anxiety?  

Advance Video Solutions, known as the best Indian Wedding Photographer, gives you 8 key points to let you overcome your anxiety and plan, nothing but the best!

It’s your Big Day, a dream day that you have planning in your mind since then. You are bursting with happiness and excitement.  But wait! Is that real excitement or is it anxiety building up. Your wedding day is approaching and in one moment you are excited and in next you are worried!

You fall asleep, dreaming yourself and your beloved in a marvelous outfit and at 5 a.m. you wake up worrying about trying the outfit, which has still not been finalized yet. You think about the food to be served at the reception and suddenly you panic about not finalizing your table covers.

Ask from the Expert Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographer Tips to Overcome Excitement or Anxiety - AVS360 - DC Wedding

Worry not! These are the common wedding jitters that a majority of the newlywed face. According to a survey, 71% of brides face the nervousness building up before their wedding day. Unsurprisingly, over 90% of brides felt the similar emotions building up either a night before the wedding or on the wedding day.

At AVS, we have covered around 1000 weddings, have met many couples. Being the best DC wedding photographer, we take time in meeting our brides and grooms before the wedding day, try to develop a comfort level, so that they can be at ease during the shoot. Weddings are an occasion full of festivities emotions, joyfulness, excitement, madness, some sadness and mostly stress. Shockingly, one emotion that we found common among all the couples was stress and anxiety.

Through our vast experience in covering Indian weddings, Afghan weddings, and well known as Best Indian wedding photographer, we collected all our experience and have come up with the following tips and advice that we give to all our couples.

 Tips from Experience: AVS wedding Photographer Tips-

Wedding Photographer Tips to Overcome Excitement or Anxiety - AVS360 - DC Wedding Photo & Video

  • RELAX!

Yes! We know that its wedding time and there is a lot to be done. You are panicking as things are not going as planned. But pause for a while, take a deep breath (if one deep breath doesn’t work, take many deep breaths) and RELAX!

The stress and pressure are not going to make things happen. So pause and relax.

  • Organize:

Try to jot down each and everything to organize everything, so that you can check out everything that has been taken care of. There will be slip ups but don’t worry, try to minimize the slip-ups by jotting down and organizing everything.

  • Delegate

That’s right, you can’t do everything all by yourself. To create a list of relatives & friends who could be a good resource and delegate the tasks to them. Look for friends who recently got married, they have been through the same and they may share the list of vendors and contacts. Most people love to be part of the game, so they might excitedly agree to participate and work for you. So hey, you got a team who will be working for you.

  • Follow up

This is very important! If you want to streamline everything you need to follow up with the people to whom you have assigned the task to make sure everything is on track and nothing comes up at the 11th hour.

  • Give Time to Yourself

Yes! in all that hustle and bustle, don’t forget yourself. Get yourself a manicure, pedicure & spa treatments. Spend time with your family and your fiancé or fiancee. Someone with whom you are planning to share your life with. It’s their wedding too, so share, discuss and spend time with each other together.

  • SLEEP & EAT Well

No matter, what the circumstances are, there is ONE most important thing that you must do is, EAT well and SLEEP well. On your wedding, you are the most important person. Selection of the chair color or the choice of flowers can wait. If you are not well nourished, your skin will look tired and no matter which makeup artist you choose or what products they choose, it will still show up in your photos.

  • Keep Hydrated

For your skin’s sake, stay hydrated, with all the anxiety bursting up, and with so many tasks to do. One thing that we all tend to forget is staying Hydrated! And by saying “hydrated” we as your photographer wouldn’t recommend taking alcohol and caffeinated drinks. In fact, we would suggest you stay away from caffeinated and alcoholic drinks.

Do take plain water and fresh juices. Despite the fact, that as the festivity time approaches, you would also like to enjoy a glass or two. Or the anxiety and the pressure would force you to gulp on caffeine drinks. IT SHOWS on your wedding day.

So enjoy plenty of water and fresh juices.

  • Enjoy the Moment!

In the end, the one great advice we would give you is no matter for how long you have been planning for, and what resources you have put in. Something will surely not be the way you planned. It might go exceptionally well or may fall behind in some area.

Remember, all weddings are beautiful. It’s a time where two people come close, tie their knot and vow to share their love and lives together.

No matter what goes wrong, weddings are immensely beautiful. It’s the love that binds together.  So even if things are not going well together, doesn’t matter, pause and re-plan it. Enjoy the moment.

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Why do you need Wedding Videographers? Reasoning from Best DC Wedding Videographer

Picture this: You have been married for 30 years and your daughter, who is about to get married herself, begins to ask questions about what your wedding was like. You could sit her down and flick through beautiful images that have been captured on your big day and explain the details to her. Or, you could put on your wedding video and let her see it for herself! This is why you need wedding videography!
Every detail from the shimmering tear trickling down your fiance’s face and the sharp intake of breath as they see you for the first time at the end of the aisle, to the musical sound of your laughter as your new spouse smooshes cake into your face. It will all be there.
Videography has long evolved from camcorder status to impressive cinematography. Professionals are dedicated to capturing every element of your wedding day to give you a way to relive one of the happiest days of your life, for the rest of your life.
One of the biggest regrets of many couples is not investing in videography, so here are some reasons why it’s a good idea to fit it into your budget.

It will be a memory booster

If you have a mind like a sieve, a movie of your wedding will help you to remember every little detail of your big day. Forgot what it was that your spouse said to you when they went rogue on the wedding vows? Just watch the video again and you will relive it like it was yesterday.

You will see little things you missed

Being the center of attention on the day means that everyone is looking at you, but you cannot possibly be looking at everyone else. A Wedding Videographer can capture the emotions and the body language of your guests at pivotal moments of your ceremony and yes, even the shenanigans that your guests may get up to during the reception. You will also see things like your bridesmaids and flower girls walking down the aisle, something you would have been hidden away for, and people tearing it up on the dancefloor while you are sitting in the corner talking to Uncle Mark and Aunty Michelle who have flown over from Australia.

It will create a time capsule

It is never an easy subject to bring up, but life is a fragile thing and the ability to capture the voices, mannerisms and the way the ones we love to celebrate in times of joy is really a wonderful gift. To have a Wedding Videographer at your wedding creates a time capsule of the ones you love that you can cherish forever.

You can show anyone and everyone

Had guests who couldn’t make it to the big day? You can send them a copy of your wedding video to watch so they can relate to your descriptions of the day and feel like they didn’t miss out entirely. You can also pull it out to show your kids or grandkids long into the future. Your Wedding Videographer may also be able to edit down clips that you can share on social media or offer links to extended versions that you can email out to international guests to watch on YouTube or Vimeo.

Give you time to reflect

You spend months planning the day and it all seems to fly by in what feels like minutes. A wedding video allows you to take the time to sit down once the dust has settled and really enjoy the amazing day you created and the power of the milestone you and your new spouse experienced.

You will star in your own production

A Wedding Videographer does much more than capture raw footage and presents you with a DVD or USB. They meticulously edit the many hours they have captured, often from multiple angles, and set the final cut to music that may have featured on your wedding day and hold so much significance for you. This creates a movie-like experience, where the story of your wedding is told from start to finish in a way that will tug at your heartstrings.
Call us Now and start planning today!

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10 wedding sendoff ideas for awesome Wedding photographs

The send-off is one of the most fun and interactive parts of the wedding day. Everyone gets involved and it’s rare to find someone without a smile on their face.

Hire Professional Wedding Photographer | AVS360 - Best Indian & DC Wedding photography

With so much action going on, they are also opportune moments for your photographer and videographer to capture some movement and color. You can help them along by adding some props that will maximize the color pops and excitement of your guests with some of these sendoff ideas for awesome photographs…


Whether the night is young, or you are saying farewell after an evening of partying with your friends and family, sparklers are one of the best night time props that wedding photographers (and your guests) can play with.


Whether it is rice, paper, glitter, or a mix of them all, confetti looks so stunning in wedding photography when a couple is walking through a waterfall of it.

Ribbon wands:

You can’t help but twirl a ribbon wand when it is placed in your hand, so guests will be naturals at this one – and you won’t have any of the mess to clean up! You can use colors that match your bridal party or go every color of the rainbow for a truly vibrant wedding photo opportunity.


Guests of all ages will be enchanted by bubbles, and let’s face it, everyone loves a chance to get stuck in and blow some on the newlyweds! Because bubbles create beautiful colors when they catch the light just right, they come up stellar in your wedding photos.

Flower petals:

Lois Blake – Wedding Photography – AVS Photo & Video

A little gentler on the noggin than confetti, but no less vibrant, real or satin flower petals will give you a much more natural look with all of the fun of allowing your guests to scatter them over you.


You’ll have to check if there are any restrictions on releasing balloons through your local council, but if you are in the clear, balloons can really make your send-off photos look stunning.

Party poppers:

There is something about the anticipation of pulling the cord of one of these babies and the satisfaction of being able to make a huge, colorful mess! Not just for birthday parties, poppers also create beautiful splashes of color in your wedding photos.

Paper planes:

Just about everyone made a paper plane as a kid and although it takes a knack to get it to fly just right, your guests will have a lot of fun trying! The couples can equip their guests with vibrant color planes to match their theme color.

Inflatable beach balls:

It’s not a day at the beach without a beach ball. Whether they are solid colors or the rainbow variety, everyone will have fun tossing these into the air and your wedding photographer will have a field day capturing it.


Perhaps not as visually strong, bells are a cute idea for ringing at the start of your life together. They will also be great fodder for your wedding videographer to capture!

These are some of the ideas that can make your wedding day a treasured one! Call us now to immortalize to the best day of your life.

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DC Wedding Videography: What It Is & Why You Should Care

Wedding videography seems like a fairly straightforward proposition. You have someone show up on the day of the wedding with expensive equipment, document the entire thing and then go home with some beautifully framed shots to finally use Final Cut Pro to fashion the random bits of video into one seamless film that shows off the best bits of the wedding. Except that just like when candid wedding photography usurped the traditional “Look into the camera and say cheese” method of doing things, cinematic wedding photography is slowly taking over from the traditional and straightforward videography that has ruled the roost so far. What It Is. The hint is in the name: your wedding video will be turned into a mini-movie with all of the themes and styles of shot framing, editing, and cinematography that one would normally associate with Bollywood and Hollywood productions. So it all seems quite compelling and it definitely is interesting, but why would you stray from the tried and tested approach and opt to make your wedding video into a movie? Well, there’s the fact that – truth be told – you’re never going to look at your wedding video in your life more than maybe once, and considering that you’re paying a small fortune for the privilege, you might as well get creative with it. The second and equally compelling reason is that when you sit down to show off your wedding video to friends and family, don’t be fooled by their smiles, it just doesn’t make for very interesting viewing. Now we’re not trying to tell anyone with a standard wedding video that it’s not worth anything, that would be akin to telling people with black and white pictures of their wedding that they’re not worth much because they’re not in color – but anyone who is strictly opting for black and white photos only in this day and age would be missing on the whole new world offered by color photography.

Why Wedding Videography:

DC Wedding Videography: What It Is & Why You Should Care - AVS360
Your wedding is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. That’s why wedding videographers have become such a cherished aspect of any wedding celebration. Don’t believe us? Two huge factors are the emotion that can’t always be captured by photographs like the toasts or a family member dancing proudly on the dance floor, as well as being able to share the day with people who couldn’t attend in person. Wedding videography can add so much more in capturing the experience. A great wedding videographer will also capture moments that a couple might miss while talking to their friends and family during the reception. While every videographer likely has different packages, you should end up with a high-quality video and copies for those who want them. Not everyone wants or needs videography for their wedding, and we know it’s an added expense. Finding a wedding videographer is much like finding the perfect wedding photographer. Many of the questions that you should ask a wedding photographer can be used as a videographer. This will give you an idea of their style and could include other wedding videos. Ask about their camera equipment, if there will be more than one camera or videographer, and if they have shot video at your wedding venue before. Not everyone needs ten copies of all the bells and whistles, but it’s important to know how much money to set aside for your desired results.

Importance of Wedding Videography and Photography

Indian Wedding Photography | AVS360 - Best Wedding Photography & Videograher in DC
Your wedding will be the one day you want to talk about and reminiscence on for years to come. This is why your wedding photography and videography are a crucial part of your wedding planning. They will ensure you are able to share your special day with future children and grandchildren and therefore, you want your wedding album and video to be the best possible. You have to pick a professional photographer with a good reputation. Discuss with family and friends to get recommendations. When discussing with the photographer show them what you like in their portfolio. Photography will be one of the most crucial components of your wedding, and it is not an area to try and save money. Let your budget be known when you talk to your photographer and ensure your package includes everything you want; proofs, albums, enlargements, duplicates, and labor. Also, remember to ask for the cost of later reprints. After you have talked about the type of pictures you like, your photographer will be able to provide you with an estimate on how long the photography will take. Search carefully for a professional wedding videographer and do it at least 6 months before the special day. You need to get someone who can capture the day without intruding on your private moments. A video is a perfect way to relive the day and hear yourselves recite your vows to each other.
To make your wedding day a perfect and cherished one Call us Now!

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A common Wedding Blunder- Not Very Pleasant

Congratulations—you are getting married!

Your wedding is the beginning of your marriage story. It’s the two of you together, promising your lifelong faithfulness for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. You will celebrate this day with family, close friends, a ceremony, special words, a party, and, of course, pictures. When you look back, you’ll see your photographs and remember the smiles and laughter, the loved ones who spent the day with you. Later you’ll share the photographs with your children and their children, and they’ll ask questions about you and the people in your pictures. They will see their story as part of your story. Your wedding photographs will give them a window into your lives—who you were and how you came together. So your wedding photographs are important not only for remembering your day— you already know this—but also as a way to establish and preserve your family history.

The Aspiring DC Wedding Photographer :

A common Wedding Blunder- Not Very Pleasant - AVS360 DC Wedding Photo

You hired April, a friend of a friend, as your wedding photographer. She’s young and has little experience (this is her first wedding) but you know she has “a passion for photography.” She made your engagement pictures, which you liked.

When you asked if she could make you an album she said, “Books are so old-fashioned. I’ll give you the pictures on a flash drive.” Her fee was only a few hundred dollars. Since other photographers in the area were charging over $2,500, you feel like you got a deal.

On your wedding day, April arrives at the church wearing a bright floral sundress, her camera in one hand, a Starbucks iced latte in the other. She has a small camera bag slung over one shoulder. Inside is one lens.

Without holding the camera to her eye, she raises it a little so she can see the screen on the back and snaps several pictures of you and your bridesmaids getting ready. You chit chat for a moment. She sips her drink. She snaps a few more pictures. April continues wandering on like this, grabbing seemingly random moments interspersed with latte sips.

During the ceremony, the wandering continues but you don’t notice as much since you’re lost in the moment, standing at the front of the church with your almost-  husband, the minister, and the wedding party. You do notice April out of the corner of your eye on a few occasions as she makes her way onto the altar (snap), circles you (snap snap snap), and exits on the opposite side (snap). It strikes you that this doesn’t seem very professional—and something you hadn’t imagined as you were playing through your wedding day in your mind’s eye.

The ceremony wraps up, most of the guests depart for the reception, and your family gathers for some formal photographs at the front of the church. April kind of gives people direction—but kinda not really. At one point, you step into the aisle as your now-husband is being photographed with his family. You notice that the lights from the ceiling are casting deep shadows on their faces, and April hasn’t brought any lights. You feel an uneasiness in your stomach and your confidence in your photographer begins to wane.

A common Wedding Blunder- Not Very Pleasant - AVS360 DC Wedding Photo

Before you leave the reception hall, you take some time to take pictures with your new husband. You drive downtown and April suggests a park. It’s sunny and there’s no shade. She takes a few quick pictures without directing you much (snap snap snap). She suggests another location and you drive there. She makes a few pictures then looks at the images on the back of the camera. You and your husband stand and wait while she fiddles with the camera for a few moments. A perplexed look crosses her face. April laughs and says, “Well I guess I’ll just shop these later.”

Now it’s off to the reception.

You arrive at the banquet hall—a gorgeous downtown venue with floor-to-ceiling windows and a flood of beautiful light—where your guests are anxiously waiting.  You make your grand entrance to the cheers of your family and friends but realize

A common Wedding Blunder- Not Very Pleasant - AVS360 DC Wedding Photo & Video

April wasn’t by the door. Where is she?

You’re seated at the front table with the wedding party and April sheepishly reports (with a new iced coffee in hand), “The battery in my camera died before we got here. I thought it would last all day but I guess not. It’s charging over in the corner and I think it will be ready in an hour. Or so.” You smile and say OK but your heart sinks.

This is not what you wanted. And now you’re afraid of what you’ll see when April delivers your pictures.

A few days after the wedding, April sends you an email to say that your wedding pictures are ready. She stops by with a flash drive. As she hands it over, you notice she looks a little… hesitant. You ask if something’s wrong.

“Well,” she starts, “some of my camera settings were ‘off.’ A little bit. So the pictures came out a little dark. Sorry.”

April leaves and you cautiously insert the flash drive into your computer as the words a little dark float through your mind.

The images begin to find their way to your screen.

A little dark.

That’s an understatement.

This is a very common story of many couples who have suffered because they wanted to save few dollars to ruin their memories for a lifetime.

If you hire a professional wedding photographer the result is delivered and Smiles also!

That is why it is always recommended to hire a pro because they have the equipment, skill, knowledge, and experience to consistently create good work for their clients. For you, consistency is a key factor you want to consider when hiring your photographer.

Unlike the aspiring photographers, pros know how to find good light and they know how to make good light when the available light isn’t good. They know how to pose and compose in flattering ways.

To avoid ruining your best day call AVS360 now!

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Tips for Best Engagement Videography Session

Location: Choose a location that is beautiful or meaningful to you. Parks, beaches, marinas and downtown areas are all locations that create beautiful backgrounds. Engagement videography is great for capturing the essence of your relationship so think about your home, your first date or where you met for those intimate moments. You can always schedule multiple locations.

Time: One to two hours before sunset is the BEST lighting for outdoor sessions which provide a beautiful glow.

Clothing Hints: The clothes you choose can influence your engagement videography session. Pick outfits coordinate and go together both in style and color. You can dress up or dress casual depending on the look and artistic direction you would like for your video. Men look great in collars.

Best Indian Wedding videographer & photographer – AVS360 Photo and Video

What to Wear:


Fitted clothing to show off belly

Textures (linen, lace, knit, wool)

Collars or necklines

What Not to Wear:

Shiny distracting materials

If you go sleeveless bring a cover-up too

Baggy clothing

Busy Patterns & Designs.

Bring Items: Props can add individuality to your engagement videography session. Think about items that have to mean to you and help tell the story of your love. Pinterest and Etsy have adorable ideas like cute signs, banners, and props.

Lifestyle Videography: Candid Videography captures the romance, essence of your love and your relationship. We will help “set the scene”, fix flyaway hairs and make sure you look your best.

Your satisfaction of your Engagement Videography session is most important. Together we will customize a Videography collection and session that will make your heart happy. It is an honor to capture this important and amazing time. Book your Engagement Videography session with us Now!!

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Why Choose to Have Wedding Videographer?

Professional wedding videography saves and protects life’s most precious and beautiful moments–as they actually happened. And what is more important to hold precious than the sights and sounds from the most important day of your life–your wedding day! Because the event goes by so quickly, capturing all of the activities, your ceremony and reception, on video will mean your wedding will be preserved for you and your family now, and most importantly…for all the generations ahead.

How important is a professionally-produced wedding video? Suppose a friend told you they had in one hand a book of professional photos of the day your grandparents were married, and in their other hand a professionally-produced video of that same day, in full color, with stereo sound, but that you could only choose one to view and keep as a family heirloom. Which would you choose? Today, thanks to new developments in digital technology and the advanced skills of professional wedding videographers, your choices in professional wedding videography are unlimited!

Why Choose to Have Wedding Videographer & Photographer - Family portraits - Avs360

Only videos will allow everyone to relive your wedding day as it actually happened, to see you walk down the aisle, to hear your voices as you exchange vows and rings, to hear and see the toasts, the music, your first dance at the reception…and the chance to preserve the complete story of your wedding. This wasn’t possible in the past.

Even today, you have only one chance to be sure your wedding day is professionally captured….just one chance to be sure all of the emotions, the love and laughter are preserved for you to share again and again. Today professional videographers have become as natural part of the wedding as the photographer. Most couples wish to take advantage of modern technology and hire a professional videographer to capture their special day on video. What better way to reminisce and remember your wedding day than to have it available on a video?

Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Why Choose to Have Wedding Videographer & Photographer - Avs360

Choosing a wedding videographer is another important decision to make and depending on your budget, can be very costly. If you choose not to hire a videographer because you’re short on funds, you’ll probably regret it later. We at AVS360 try our level best to fit in your budget. There are many things to consider when hiring for the wedding videographer. Your goal is to get the best image and sound quality at a reasonable price and ours is to provide the best service at the optimum cost. Compile a list of questions before your appointment with us so that you are well informed when making your final decision. But be rest assured to get excellent video quality with AVS360 because we make sure to make your wedding day a memorable one.

Book your Appointment now!

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Latest trends in Indian wedding photography

Weddings are evolving with time – in terms of their style, colors, props, decoration, wedding dress and even presentation of interesting concepts. So, specific Indian wedding photography techniques are also evolving with the times. Latest trends in wedding photography India

Indian wedding photography trends that are sweeping the wedding scene:

  1. Wedding Photo-booths –

Take your wedding experience to a new high. Build a makeshift photo booth where your guests can get their picture taken and printed on the spot! They sure won’t forget this innovative idea after the wedding. Very few people in Springfield offer this service. We are one of them. If you are interested contact us Now!

Family portraits, engagement photography - Avs360

  1. Photo Mementos –

Get some nice pre-wedding pictures of you and your spouse taken before the wedding. Print these pictures and put them in a nice frame or print out a nice photo-book. Surprise your reception or wedding guests with these as a memento for your wedding.

  1. Fine-art Weddings –

Transform your wedding into a fashion statement! Discuss with the wedding photographer and set a style and direction for a fine-art style photo shoot with a good theme. The final product will be really appreciated in all circles! We have a team of trained and professional Indian wedding photographers who have captured weddings on this line of photographic techniques.

Family portraits, engagement photography, Indian photography - Avs360

  1. Proposal Photography –

Are you planning to propose to your partner? Consider setting up a candid photographer to document the whole process. You will be surprised and will cherish these photographs like no other! (However, make sure you propose to a person who might be willing to return the warmth. We are not responsible for random consequences in case you don’t!)

Family portraits, engagement photography - Avs360

  1. Pre-wedding Shoots –

This is a nice way to get a couple portrait session with no hassles of being in the wedding. Choose a nice location, dress up and get a nice makeover, then let our professional Indian wedding photographers lead the way! These pictures are great to display in your reception and wedding!

  1. Stop-motion Invitations –

Just about every single Indian wedding that happens this year, will have a printed wedding invitation, which is only going to be used as address references.But some weddings will get far from the madding crowd and do an animated wedding invitation.

The couple discusses with a wedding creative agency and develop a short story around which an Indian wedding photographer will click pictures that can combine sequentially to be a stop-motion video. This video can be laid out in graphics and animation with music to become online wedding invitations with a VERY personal touch!

  1. Vintage Wedding Pictures –

This is another trend which is becoming popular. Dressing up and posing like couples from the 60’s or 70’s Bollywood flicks for vintage type wedding photographs. These pictures can go viral in your social circles and get you some amazing feedback!

Family portraits, engagement photography, Latest trends in Indian wedding photography - Avs360

  1. Photographic Reception Guest Book –

Get some pre-wedding photography taken. Compile a list of nice pictures from the collection and make a printed guest-book or big photo frame where visitors to your reception can leave their wishes and comments for you to cherish later!

If you are willing to make your Indian wedding a memorable and a treasured one, AVS360 is the right choice for you! Book now!

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Treasure the best Day of your Life – DC wedding Photography

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. That’s why hiring the right wedding photographer is one of the first things you need to consider when planning the big day! If you are located in Washington DC, you’d be glad to know that there are so many trusted wedding photographers in the DC, including the US!! AVS360. Your search ends here!

Of course, there are certain things you need to take into account before hiring a pro DC wedding photographer, as he needs to have a hands-on experience with weddings in DC and the important factors you need to consider when looking for the perfect DC wedding photographer are listed below, though nobody matches our style of capturing your perfect day!

Choose Your Venue

Before you look for a wedding photographer in DC area, you have to choose the venue for the big day first! Ideally, if you want a wedding photographer for DC area, you need to book 9 months to a year before the actual event. Do note that wedding photography in DC is in very high demand so booking in advance is important especially if your chosen photographer is very popular in your local area.

Once you’ve secured a wedding venue, then you can start considering recommendations and offers from likely candidates.

Treasure the best Day of your Life - DC Wedding Photography | AVS360 - Best wedding photographer

Get Recommendations

Seasoned wedding photographers have a reputation to keep and are very easy to find!(We are just a call Away!!) Of course, just because a certain photographer is popular doesn’t mean he or she is the right choice for you. As such, never rush the decision and go with the first photographer you come across. Instead, ask help from your friends and family. Get recommendations from married friends(We have many:), borrow their photo albums, and go online to do your research. You can also scour social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to check for sample works, blog posts, and client reviews.

Treasure the best Day of your Life - Indian photography - DC Wedding Photographer | AVS360 - Best wedding photography

Start the Interview

List down all the potential DC wedding photographers and start calling them up for inquiries. Check which of these photographers suit your budget and specific needs. If a certain wedding photographer in DC specializes in a specific area of photography, make sure they fit your wedding theme and venue. For instance, some photographers specialize in traditional weddings while others specialize in modern weddings. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices(which will be probably the US!!!), it is time to start conducting interviews. Because wedding photography in DC is big business, most if not all of the shortlisted candidates can present more than three albums of sample works. You want to see at least one album of a wedding, preferably a wedding that’s similar to what you have in mind for your special day. Check if the photo style is in line with what you like. Check the expressions on the guests’ faces in the photos. Do they look natural or forced? Check the bride and groom’s facial expressions, are they natural or forced? All these factors are important when looking for the right wedding photographer for your wedding.

After checking the sample works, you can ask for photos from the most recent wedding the photographer covered. This way, you’ll get an idea how a photographer’s average work compares with his pre-selected sample works. During the interview, you can also evaluate a photographer’s professionalism. Choose an experienced DC wedding photographer with a solid background in wedding photography. The Wedding Mode photographers and videographers have an extensive background in a variety of photography styles, including weddings.

Treasure the best Day of your Life - engagement photography - DC Wedding Photography | AVS360 - Best wedding photography

Discuss the Fee

Once you are done with the interview and you have chosen a specific wedding photographer, it is time to hash out the cost and sign the contract. The price could go up depending on the set asking price of the photographer.  After agreeing on a price, seal the deal by signing the contract. (We are reasonable;)

Before signing the contract and booking the photographer(us!!), make sure he or she will show up on your wedding(we always do!). Learn which parts of the event will be covered and how many hours your photographer and his assistants will work during the wedding.

To Forego all the above-described process, simply contact us for your search for best DC wedding photographer and we would be happy to capture your best day of your life!

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3 Ways Your Wedding Videography Will Shape Your Memories

Wedding Videographers have a lot of power. Out of the 16+ hours you’re awake on your wedding day, your wedding video will capture just a small portion of every single event that actually took place. Just as your brain selectively registers what it sees and hears, your videographer will discern what is important to record on your wedding day and what is not. This is necessary in order to make an interesting and meaningful film that you’ll want to watch over and over again.

What and how we choose to film your wedding day will greatly influence your memories in the years to come.

Below mentioned are 3 common approaches that we at AVS360 use to determine how and in what way your wedding day will be remembered. Understanding these approaches will help you understand how we will try to shape your memories of the wedding day itself. So before you give AVS360 the power to record your wedding, understand their style and what they’ll end up creating for you.

3 Ways Your Wedding Videography Will Shape Your Memories | AVS360 - Indian Wedding Videographer

1: The documentary approach.

Documentary wedding videos focus on preserving a record of what your wedding day looked like. They are often the most affordable option for couples who want wedding video. Essentially, it’s a basic recording of your wedding day as it happens.

Priority is generally given to substance over style. This means you’ll get a full record of everything that happened on your wedding day. Less attention is given to making what happened to look beautiful on camera.

The final wedding film is normally set to a variety of music tracks.

Common Reaction: It’s great to have a record of what happened for future generations.

3 Ways Your Wedding Videography Will Shape Your Memories | AVS360 - DC Wedding Videographer

2: The cinematic approach.

Due to recent developments in camera technology, wedding videographers now have the ability to capture moments with a very cinematic style. Great emphasis is placed on making moments look good as well as capturing what happened. We at AVS360 will often consider light, lens choice and camera movement to make the final film polished and of a high production value.

Films are usually shorter than a Documentary Video. This allows the videographer to be more creative and focus on just the important parts of the day. Films are not always edited in a chronological manner. This helps to keep the film a little less predictable and enjoyable to watch.

Due to the cinematic style films generally, focus on Effect over Affect. “Wow” shots are often sorted after to give the film great effect and production value. Focusing on effect will make your film visually stunning, however, less attention is given to how the film affects or moves the audience.

We often have a wide variety of gear to help create the cinematic look. This might include multiple DSLR style cameras, sliders, glide cams or gimballed stabilizers for dynamic moving shots. Drones are also becoming more popular to capture epic scenery and establishing shots. Drones with a camera have enabled the videographers to capture angles which were only possible for Hollywood budgets earlier.

Common Reaction: Wow, your wedding looked amazing. What a beautiful day.

3 Ways Your Wedding Videography Will Shape Your Memories | AVS360 - DC Wedding Videography

3: The storytelling approach.

Storytelling Filmmakers put story first. Although the final film can still look very cinematic, We at AVS360 are inspired more by the who, rather than the what.

Instead of just recording what the wedding day looked like, real effort is placed on capturing who you are as a couple. This approach ensures every wedding film is truly unique and personal to each couple, and AVS360 have a lot of testimonials to back the fine work that we always put in.

We know how to listen, ask the right questions and really get to know you as a couple. They’ll often go the extra mile to knit together a powerful story.

Emphasis is often placed on Affect over Effect. The goal of a good story is to affect you in some manner. There are a strong purpose and message within each film. Focusing on effect gives the film greater depth and meaning. Effect (or really awesome shots) are still great to have, as long as they contribute to the story being told.

Like a really good movie, Storytelling Filmmakers are few and far between. However, AVS360 is always available at your service.

Common Reaction. That film spoke to my heart. You are both so perfect for each other.

As videography is a creative medium there will always be a blur between these approaches defined above. It’s also important to view the consistency within a videographers approach or style as well.

Websites are great for enjoying someone’s best work, but try to find their Vimeo or YouTube page. Look to see how often they post films online and the quality of their week in-week out videos. This will give you a true measure of the quality and style you can expect from a videographer at your wedding.

The Wedding Video Industry has matured a lot in the last few years. There is now many options and approaches to suit every couple.

Do give us a chance to make your wedding a memorable one.

For more info call us at 202-203-8770 or visit www.avs360.com

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What to wear for your Family portraits

What should we wear for our family portraits? It’s the most common question we are asked.
Every photographer will tell you something different…solids are best…different shades of the same color is best…put the kids in darker colors…keep it simple…minimal jewelry…white/black shirts in jeans is perfect…
Here are the best advises as you set out on the quest for the perfect Family portrait:

Step 1:

Choose clothing for one person first
You don’t have to go out and buy all new outfits for your portrait. Most times, you can get a great look by building your clothing around one person’s outfit. It’s usually best to start with the person in the group who is hardest to pick an outfit for. Most of the time this is the mother or daughter, as boys are normally very easy to style. Look through your closet for a great piece you want them to wear for the portrait or consider buying an outfit for that person and going from there.
For example, you’ve found a fun sweater for your son with tan, light blue, and orange stripes. You know the rest of your family has clothing at home that would match the colors in the sweater. So, you decide he could wear the sweater with a light blue shirt, tan pants, and brown shoes.

Step 2:

Build the rest of the group’s outfits based on the first person
Now that you’ve got one person’s clothing done, you can build the rest of the group’s outfits. In your case, you also bought your husband a sweater vest in orange to go with your son’s sweater. Then, at home, you each had a blue shirt, brown/khaki pants for the guys and a brown skirt for you. Maybe you also had a jacket to go with the tan in the boy’s sweater, and you’re all set!
General rules to remember when choosing outfits:
Keep in mind where you are going to be shooting
Are you going to be indoors or outdoors? Is the area paved, muddy, rocky, or grassy? What kind of colors would look best in that setting? If you will be outside, it’s a good idea to wear clothes you would be comfortable sitting on the ground in. If you are shooting with a green background (trees/bushes), be sure not to wear all green!

What to wear for Family Portraits | AVS360 - DC Family Portraits & DC Wedding Photography

Stick to one style

Make sure everyone in the group is wearing one style of clothing such as classy (formal wear, suits, dresses, etc.), casual (jeans, tees, hoodies, converse), or contemporary (a mixture of classy and casual—like a dressy top with jeans and heels). You don’t want to look like half of the family is going to a wedding and the others are going to the park to play.

Avoid too many patterns or huge logos.

Patterns should compliment each other, not draw attention away from the main subject of the photo, togetherness!
Colors don’t have to match, but they do need to go together. Clothing from the same color palette or based on colors in one outfit tends to create a cohesive look without feeling too “matchy.” We love fun and vibrant colors; they help the portraits “pop” off the screen or print, but remember, the emphasis of the photos should be on your faces, not your clothing.
Bring accessories and props that pull together the outfit
Using props and accessories is a good way to get different looks out of a single outfit. Think about things that characterize you and your personality: scarves, purses, shoes, and items from your line of work, hobbies, and interests.

What to wear for Family Portraits | AVS360 - DC Family Portraits

Hands and Feet

Occasionally, we will take photos of details like hand-holding and family feet! Remember to clean and trim nails for these shots. For feet, if your toes will show…make sure your toenail polish is fresh.
Clients are always welcome to an over-the-phone consult about what to wear to the shoot. We’ve even helped finalized outfit choices in person. I just want you to feel good. During your shoot you could be sitting in a pile on the grass having a tickle battle, rolling down a hill, throwing your kiddos in the air or climbing a tree. Wear clothing that lets you do all that (and more) comfortably. As for the kids?
Well…uncomfortable kids have a tendency to look…uncomfortable and are often cranky to boot. Happy kids make for happy pictures.

Bottom Line: Don’t choose outfits that make any of you feel constrained, stiff, itchy, scratchy like you’re dressed up for Halloween, or that leave you with a nagging worry that a button might pop if you bend the wrong way. Trust us!
For more info please visit us: www.avs360.com.