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A common Wedding Blunder- Not Very Pleasant

Congratulations—you are getting married!

Your wedding is the beginning of your marriage story. It’s the two of you together, promising your lifelong faithfulness for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. You will celebrate this day with family, close friends, a ceremony, special words, a party, and, of course, pictures. When you look back, you’ll see your photographs and remember the smiles and laughter, the loved ones who spent the day with you. Later you’ll share the photographs with your children and their children, and they’ll ask questions about you and the people in your pictures. They will see their story as part of your story. Your wedding photographs will give them a window into your lives—who you were and how you came together. So your wedding photographs are important not only for remembering your day— you already know this—but also as a way to establish and preserve your family history.

The Aspiring DC Wedding Photographer :

A common Wedding Blunder- Not Very Pleasant - AVS360 DC Wedding Photo

You hired April, a friend of a friend, as your wedding photographer. She’s young and has little experience (this is her first wedding) but you know she has “a passion for photography.” She made your engagement pictures, which you liked.

When you asked if she could make you an album she said, “Books are so old-fashioned. I’ll give you the pictures on a flash drive.” Her fee was only a few hundred dollars. Since other photographers in the area were charging over $2,500, you feel like you got a deal.

On your wedding day, April arrives at the church wearing a bright floral sundress, her camera in one hand, a Starbucks iced latte in the other. She has a small camera bag slung over one shoulder. Inside is one lens.

Without holding the camera to her eye, she raises it a little so she can see the screen on the back and snaps several pictures of you and your bridesmaids getting ready. You chit chat for a moment. She sips her drink. She snaps a few more pictures. April continues wandering on like this, grabbing seemingly random moments interspersed with latte sips.

During the ceremony, the wandering continues but you don’t notice as much since you’re lost in the moment, standing at the front of the church with your almost-  husband, the minister, and the wedding party. You do notice April out of the corner of your eye on a few occasions as she makes her way onto the altar (snap), circles you (snap snap snap), and exits on the opposite side (snap). It strikes you that this doesn’t seem very professional—and something you hadn’t imagined as you were playing through your wedding day in your mind’s eye.

The ceremony wraps up, most of the guests depart for the reception, and your family gathers for some formal photographs at the front of the church. April kind of gives people direction—but kinda not really. At one point, you step into the aisle as your now-husband is being photographed with his family. You notice that the lights from the ceiling are casting deep shadows on their faces, and April hasn’t brought any lights. You feel an uneasiness in your stomach and your confidence in your photographer begins to wane.

A common Wedding Blunder- Not Very Pleasant - AVS360 DC Wedding Photo

Before you leave the reception hall, you take some time to take pictures with your new husband. You drive downtown and April suggests a park. It’s sunny and there’s no shade. She takes a few quick pictures without directing you much (snap snap snap). She suggests another location and you drive there. She makes a few pictures then looks at the images on the back of the camera. You and your husband stand and wait while she fiddles with the camera for a few moments. A perplexed look crosses her face. April laughs and says, “Well I guess I’ll just shop these later.”

Now it’s off to the reception.

You arrive at the banquet hall—a gorgeous downtown venue with floor-to-ceiling windows and a flood of beautiful light—where your guests are anxiously waiting.  You make your grand entrance to the cheers of your family and friends but realize

A common Wedding Blunder- Not Very Pleasant - AVS360 DC Wedding Photo & Video

April wasn’t by the door. Where is she?

You’re seated at the front table with the wedding party and April sheepishly reports (with a new iced coffee in hand), “The battery in my camera died before we got here. I thought it would last all day but I guess not. It’s charging over in the corner and I think it will be ready in an hour. Or so.” You smile and say OK but your heart sinks.

This is not what you wanted. And now you’re afraid of what you’ll see when April delivers your pictures.

A few days after the wedding, April sends you an email to say that your wedding pictures are ready. She stops by with a flash drive. As she hands it over, you notice she looks a little… hesitant. You ask if something’s wrong.

“Well,” she starts, “some of my camera settings were ‘off.’ A little bit. So the pictures came out a little dark. Sorry.”

April leaves and you cautiously insert the flash drive into your computer as the words a little dark float through your mind.

The images begin to find their way to your screen.

A little dark.

That’s an understatement.

This is a very common story of many couples who have suffered because they wanted to save few dollars to ruin their memories for a lifetime.

If you hire a professional wedding photographer the result is delivered and Smiles also!

That is why it is always recommended to hire a pro because they have the equipment, skill, knowledge, and experience to consistently create good work for their clients. For you, consistency is a key factor you want to consider when hiring your photographer.

Unlike the aspiring photographers, pros know how to find good light and they know how to make good light when the available light isn’t good. They know how to pose and compose in flattering ways.

To avoid ruining your best day call AVS360 now!

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Treasure the best Day of your Life – DC wedding Photography

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. That’s why hiring the right wedding photographer is one of the first things you need to consider when planning the big day! If you are located in Washington DC, you’d be glad to know that there are so many trusted wedding photographers in the DC, including the US!! AVS360. Your search ends here!

Of course, there are certain things you need to take into account before hiring a pro DC wedding photographer, as he needs to have a hands-on experience with weddings in DC and the important factors you need to consider when looking for the perfect DC wedding photographer are listed below, though nobody matches our style of capturing your perfect day!

Choose Your Venue

Before you look for a wedding photographer in DC area, you have to choose the venue for the big day first! Ideally, if you want a wedding photographer for DC area, you need to book 9 months to a year before the actual event. Do note that wedding photography in DC is in very high demand so booking in advance is important especially if your chosen photographer is very popular in your local area.

Once you’ve secured a wedding venue, then you can start considering recommendations and offers from likely candidates.

Treasure the best Day of your Life - DC Wedding Photography | AVS360 - Best wedding photographer

Get Recommendations

Seasoned wedding photographers have a reputation to keep and are very easy to find!(We are just a call Away!!) Of course, just because a certain photographer is popular doesn’t mean he or she is the right choice for you. As such, never rush the decision and go with the first photographer you come across. Instead, ask help from your friends and family. Get recommendations from married friends(We have many:), borrow their photo albums, and go online to do your research. You can also scour social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to check for sample works, blog posts, and client reviews.

Treasure the best Day of your Life - Indian photography - DC Wedding Photographer | AVS360 - Best wedding photography

Start the Interview

List down all the potential DC wedding photographers and start calling them up for inquiries. Check which of these photographers suit your budget and specific needs. If a certain wedding photographer in DC specializes in a specific area of photography, make sure they fit your wedding theme and venue. For instance, some photographers specialize in traditional weddings while others specialize in modern weddings. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices(which will be probably the US!!!), it is time to start conducting interviews. Because wedding photography in DC is big business, most if not all of the shortlisted candidates can present more than three albums of sample works. You want to see at least one album of a wedding, preferably a wedding that’s similar to what you have in mind for your special day. Check if the photo style is in line with what you like. Check the expressions on the guests’ faces in the photos. Do they look natural or forced? Check the bride and groom’s facial expressions, are they natural or forced? All these factors are important when looking for the right wedding photographer for your wedding.

After checking the sample works, you can ask for photos from the most recent wedding the photographer covered. This way, you’ll get an idea how a photographer’s average work compares with his pre-selected sample works. During the interview, you can also evaluate a photographer’s professionalism. Choose an experienced DC wedding photographer with a solid background in wedding photography. The Wedding Mode photographers and videographers have an extensive background in a variety of photography styles, including weddings.

Treasure the best Day of your Life - engagement photography - DC Wedding Photography | AVS360 - Best wedding photography

Discuss the Fee

Once you are done with the interview and you have chosen a specific wedding photographer, it is time to hash out the cost and sign the contract. The price could go up depending on the set asking price of the photographer.  After agreeing on a price, seal the deal by signing the contract. (We are reasonable;)

Before signing the contract and booking the photographer(us!!), make sure he or she will show up on your wedding(we always do!). Learn which parts of the event will be covered and how many hours your photographer and his assistants will work during the wedding.

To Forego all the above-described process, simply contact us for your search for best DC wedding photographer and we would be happy to capture your best day of your life!

Wedding Photography & Videography in the DC

At the end of the day, your pictures and video are what you have left to tell your story.  Each moment captured reflecting some detail of that day, some joke shared among friends, some touch shared by ones who love.  The music, the flowers, the cake, the linens, the theming…all the details and planning that go into any special event documenting a passage in our lives.  And the people.  Always capturing the people.  Those who were there to share, to laugh, to love, to experience, to write the story that unfolds.

Through a mixture of traditional and candid photos, we record the details and happenings of your event to preserve your memories.  Black & white, color, photojournalistic, traditional, or contemporary—whatever your preferences are, they can be reflected in our photographs. From an elaborate Hollywood production to the simplest documentary, our video editing ensures that you can relive every moment the way you remember it. We are trained to work in a low-key, unobtrusive manner. Our method is to capture the fun and excitement of the wedding without overshadowing or annoying the bride and groom by calling attention to the photographer. We insist on floating unseen throughout the event in order to capture the raw and candid essence of each wedding. By meticulously plotting the sequences of your wedding events we are confident that every moment of your day will be photographed and videotaped. We would be honored to tell your story.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we could assist in the planning of your special event.

Wedding Photography

DC Wedding Photography & Videography - AVS Photo and Video - Indian Wedding PhotographyAVS360 Photo & Video has set the standard in photography. We like to intimately work with every couple to create their unique wedding photography package. We believe that each wedding has its own uniqueness and it is the photographer’s duty to render photographs that express the brides’ unique beauty and personality. Since no two weddings are the same, often due to differing needs, personalities, budgets, and styles, we strive to customize our packages to you. We take the time and effort prior to the wedding day to closely learn about our couples’ wishes and needs. We want to tailor a photography package that caters to the individual customer needs. You can choose from our outstandingly bound Flush mount albums, or the classic coffee table albums to our stylish books. Should you desire to substitute your album style after your wedding; a credit can be issued towards the album of your choice. We are here to accommodate you.

Since photographs are the only tangible mementos of once in a lifetime occasion, it’s important to take great care of the images captured. All of our pictures are custom printed and retouched to make sure they are of the highest quality. By overseeing the entire finishing process, we ensure consistent and superior quality, as well and the ability to crop photographs to our clients’ specifications. We offer a large selection of archival top-of-the-line wedding albums to fit every style and budget.

Most frequently, brides complain to us about having too many great images to decide on what to put in their albums. Most brides end with hundreds of photographs to sort through for one album, which can be an intimidating process. When the time comes to make the final selections, an experienced graphic designer will assist to develop a storyline for the album. We invite the bride to preview the finished design before it is finalized and bound. We won’t be satisfied until the quality and sequential order of the album meets with the approval of all those involved. We take great pride not only in the high professionalism of our craft but also in the personalized care we provide our customers with.
Preview our unique custom design albums on our website.

Wedding Video

Wedding Photography & Videography in the DC - AVS Photo and Video - Indian Wedding PhotographyIt is often said that a picture captures a moment and freezes it in time.  Video captures that moment and retells it for all time.  Nothing else can capture the emotions that play across the face as vows are pledged to love for life, the gaze of a father to his daughter during her first dance, the beloved sound of cheering as the couple cut their wedding cake or the wise words of wisdom to the new couple offered by grandparents after years of union.

Nothing but the best will do for such important subject matter.  AVS360 Photo & Video uses the finest cinematic-quality, completely portable and wireless, low-light cameras as well as incorporating aerial shots using drones, wherever possible, each camera is manned to ensure the best possible coverage of your event; nothing is left to chance.

Our professional editing team will go through the available footage of your event and weave a video production that tells the story of that special day and the people living it.  We want you to feel the way you felt on that day every time you watch this story.  To relive it and feel it all over again. We offer different editing styles, giving you options to fit your tastes and budget.

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Priya & Anish, The Palace New Jersey Wedding

Through the years, AVS had a pleasure of capturing heart touching moments. We have seen through the eyes of young couples coming closer, growing deeply in love and finally binding into an ever-lasting relationship of marriage.

Capturing the wedding celebration of Priya and Anish had been a remarkable experience. As Team AVS had the perquisite of being in their journey starting from an engagement ceremony reaching to their wedding.

Last year, the young duo got engaged at historic yet picturesque DUMBO, which under the Brooklyn Bridge . Anish asked for Priya’s hand which she merrily said YES. The celebrated their engagement in the Botanic Gardens, NY.

Indian Wedding Photographer | AVS360 - Maryland wedding photographers & engagement photography

It all started with the help of wonderful Meghna of Bells N Rings Events, our duo put together a lot of work in selecting a classy magnificent wedding venue for their reception. The reception took place at The Palace at Somerset which boasts an ideal location to celebrate their BIG DAY. The Palace is nestled away on 30-acres picturesque grounds, a versatile and beautiful setting for your wedding.

Indian Wedding Photographer | AVS360 - Maryland wedding photographers & Videographer

Graced by the beautiful selection of contemporary products, tealights, flower arrangements and other wedding accessories, the venue was well adorned by Elegant Affairs. The entire place was well illuminated by the Volcanik Entertainment, who banged up the floor by providing outstanding DJ and lighting services, added detail and flavor to the entire occasion.

Indian Wedding Photographer | AVS360 - virginia wedding photographer & Videographer

Clad in Vanilla white and Midnight blue, Anish looked exceptionally handsome. The traditional turban ornamented with a big jewel made him look like a prince charming.

Indian Wedding Photography | AVS360 - virginia wedding photography & Videographer

Our charming bride Priya looked like a Maharani, dressed in a traditional lehnga choli carried an elegant bridal look. The traditional gold jewelry, with midnight blue & peach dress with subtle makeup complimented her entire look.

Indian Wedding Photography | AVS360 - virginia wedding photographers & Videographer

As Anish eagerly awaits to see Priya for the First Look, he looks excited and aflutter. The First Look was staged and setup outside The Palace. Their cheerful smiles exchanged, which revealed the great love they hold for each other.

Indian Wedding Photographer | AVS360 - DC Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Yet the friends didn’t let them remain mesmerized for long, and stepped in right at the time. The gang had a lot of fun, cracking jokes.

Indian Wedding Photography | AVS360 - DC Wedding Photographer & Videographer

As the Baraat was coming, all the guests rejoice danced on the traditional songs of Dhol and Luddi. The bride anxiously watched the Baraat from the balcony of The Palace.

Indian Wedding Photography | AVS360 - DC Wedding Photography and Videography

Priya and Anish took their vows on a beautifully decorated Mandak which was all adorned with flowers. Around the fire, the couple took their oaths and Pahiray.

New Jersey Wedding Photography | AVS360 - DC Wedding Photography and Videography

New Jersey Wedding Photography | AVS360 - DC Wedding Photography & Videography

Mesmerized in each other’s love, the couple had a photo-shoot at the beautiful balcony of The Palace. It was the first opportunity they both had to savor their newly-minted status as husband and wife.

The Palace New Jersey Wedding Photography | AVS360 - DC Wedding Photography & Videography

Priya and Anish romantically had their first Dance. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most intimate, joyous moments of their wedding day. It was followed by the reception and the dance floor opened for the guests.

The Palace New Jersey Wedding | AVS360 - DC Wedding Photography & Videography

The celebration did not end here, the couple cut a fabulous cake under the amazing fireworks. On behalf of Team AVS360 we wish a happy married life to Priya and Anish.

The Palace New Jersey Wedding Photography | AVS360 Photo & Video