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Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer

A wedding is a very special day in our lives. It takes a lot of time and patience to find that someone
special in our lives, so how can the day which is the culmination of all those feelings of love and
promises be a humble affair. There are so many things to take care of during a wedding – the dress, the venue, the cake, decorations and what not. One thing that people often cut back on is hiring a
professional wedding photographer. With all the expenses, why spend extra? Surely anyone with a
good enough camera can do the job. That’s where you are wrong. Here are some of the reasons why hiring a professional wedding photographer is the right way to go-Hire Professional Wedding Photographer | AVS360 - Best Indian Wedding photographer in DC

    • Because a professional is a professional, not your friend– all of us have a budding photographer friend who takes amazing photos. And people often make the mistake of making them the designated wedding photographer. Even though someone might have exceptional photography skills, wedding photography is a different ball game altogether. The skillset required is completely different. Your friend may be busy meeting up with other friends when you need him the most! A professional will not do that. They are contractually obligated to only you and your wedding day. They are committed to be there when and where agreed upon, so you don’t have to worry about any missed magical moments.
    • The value of experience – you might have a general idea about what you want in your photos for your special day. A professional with experience will know what you need! Somethings can only be learned through experience. They have professional wedding photography packages to suit your every need. There are so many things to consider that you might even know about! Poses, background, lighting, contrast and many other things that go into a great photo. Hiring a professional comes with the assurance that you don’t have to worry about them and truly enjoy your special day.Hire Professional Wedding Photographer | AVS360 - Best Indian & DC Wedding photographer
    • The equipment– sure photos are taken through a camera, but there is much more equipment required to take amazing wedding photographs. More often than not, not only will a professional wedding photographer have a better camera, they will also have all the support equipment required such as lenses, tripods, lights, extra batteries, strobes or even a drone!Hire Professional Wedding Photographer | AVS360 - Best Indian & DC Wedding photography
    • Assurance– when you hire a professional wedding photographer you don’t just buy yourself amazing photos, you also buy yourself a peace of mind. You don’t want to spend your time instructing an amateur photographer on your wedding day! With already so much to take in and take care of, no one has the time or mental resources available to handle that. A typical professional wedding photography service provider has a team dedicated to make your photos amazing. From the setting to their development, they make sure that you get quality photos of your wedding day, making sure you always have something to remember how special this day was for you.

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How to work with your Wedding Photographer

Weddings are special days in our lives. We spend a lot of time and effort in planning our perfect
wedding day. From the food, the guest list, the venue to the dresses- we spend a lot of time in choosing the best of these. But when the day is done, the food is served, the guests leave and the lights go off; what remains with you are unforgettable memories- and the wedding photographs. Wedding photographs are the only tangible memories of your wedding that stay with you. As such special attention must be paid while choosing a wedding photographer and wedding videographer for the day. But even if you do select the professional wedding photographer that you think will be best for you, you have to realize that you have to work together with him to get the best wedding photographs. After all it’s your wedding, your family, your friends and a photographer is just an outsider among them. Here are some points which go a long way to give you the wedding photographs that match and exceed your expectations.
Work with your Wedding Photographer | AVS360 - Indian Wedding photography in DC
Communicate – Call or better yet hold an interview with the photographer along with your partner before the wedding day. Discuss what type of photographs you want specifically. Ask him how he goes about his work. Give him a heads up about the important events and people that you definitely want for your wedding. This gives both you and the photographer an idea of what to expect and what is expected out of them. Not only that, this also give the photographer a general idea about how you and your partner are as a couple and can help them design a photoshoot that captures the nuances of you perfectly.

Work with your Wedding Photographer | AVS360 - DC & Indian Wedding photographerDevelop a storyline
– stories are personal. So are weddings. That’s why the best wedding albums are those which are in the form of a storyline that depicts the events of the day as they happened. Its best to first make it clear how much time the photographer will spend on your wedding. The more time a photographer spends with you, the more time he has to capture the beauty of this very special day. Discuss with them how much time will be required by them at every stage so that you are prepared for it and do not feel rushed on the day.

Give them a freehand (somewhat) – discuss and ensure beforehand with the photographer what specify photos you want in your album. Decide beforehand the list of formal groupings that you would like to see in your wedding. They can be before or after the wedding ceremony. But do yourself a favor and don’t add any photos to the list corny clichés that are posed yet try to appear natural. If you have chosen a photographer trust him to capture the natural and candid photographs for the vent. Plus, it is also advised to not stick to a list too much. Weddings are bus events and there is so much happening throughout the day. If you stick to a list you are bound to miss out on some of the magical moments that can happen without any notice.

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Wedding photography styles at AVS360

Like many other things in life there is no one-size- fits-all in wedding photography. And it figures, for something that is this personal and special in someone’s life, one would want something that strictly fits with their taste and preferences. Since wedding photography and video is the only tangible memory of this momentous day, one needs to be extra careful when choosing a wedding photographer. Here we list few of the popular wedding photography styles so that you can choose one which matches with your requirements-

Wedding photography styles | AVS360 - Best DC Wedding photographer and videographer
Traditional or classic– this is the typical wedding photography style that you see most often in photographs. Here the wedding photographer works to capture a list of shots. The photographer and the couple typically discuss what types of shots that they want in the wedding album in particular beforehand. The shot list also includes the other important events of the day. This style of photography mostly deals in poses. The required people, be it the couple, their parents, or friends are asked to pose in specific style and the photographer captures these moments. This style of photography does not include candid moments and typically showcases discrete moments of the wedding, as opposed to a storyline.
Wedding photography styles | AVS360 - Best Indian Wedding photographer in DC
Photojournalistic– this style captures the wedding day in the form of a storyline. The wedding photographer follows the couple throughout the day- from the time they are getting ready to the end of the day. The final album will appear more like a documentary with a progressive timeline. This style of photography appears to be more naturalistic than the traditional style. But it requires a higher level of commitment from the couple as the photographer will need more access to their personal space. This style is even more effective if you hire a wedding videographer along with the photographer.
Wedding photography styles | AVS360 - DC Indian Wedding photographer
Illustrative – this style of photography seeks to provide the best of both worlds. It incorporates the elements of both traditional and photojournalistic styles. It includes poses, but here the focus is to make them look more natural and personal. The whole setting is more relaxed and the poses are more informal than the traditional style.
Photography styles are like a photographer’s personality. Each photographer has a unique perspective and he captures photos which are best according to his own view. But something like wedding photography which is so personal and special should not be done according to someone else’s tastes.

Albums of their previous work and their online gallery should be seen and compared. Choose a
photographer who fits your bill- both figuratively and literally. Talk to the photographer about what you want and require and only then finalize one. All this is very important for getting the best photographs of this special day of your life. Get the best Wedding photographers and videographers in DC with us now. Explore our portfolio to know more…