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Wedding Photography Checklist

Weddings are special occasions in our lives. It is one of those events we remember and cherish throughout our lives. That is why people hire a wedding photographer so that the magical moments can stay with us throughout our lives. We will change, but our memories shouldn’t. Seeing how important this day is in our lives it is usually advised to hire a professional wedding photographer for the event. They are professionals with lots of experience under their belt who know exactly what is required of them and how to deliver it. But before you pull the trigger and hire a professional wedding photographer it will be so much better for everyone if you have a candid discussion with them to let them know exactly what you want and also to get an idea of what you are getting. Here are 3 important questions you should ask your wedding photographer before hiring them.

Wedding Photography Checklist | AVS360 - Best Wedding Photography & Videograher in DC

    • How much experience do you have in wedding photography?
      For most of us weddings are a once in a lifetime event and you don’t want to mess it up by hiring an amateur for that day. There are no redoes when it comes to wedding photography. See their experience in the area. Check out their previous wedding photography albums and see if their style of photography matches with what you want. An experienced photographer is a treasure trove, they can advise you about the lighting and decorations so that everything looks good on that particular day.

Wedding Photography Checklist | AVS360 - Best Wedding Photography & Videograher in DC

  • Do you shoot wedding video as well?
    It pays if your wedding photographer and videographer have an existing rapport with each other. This ensures that they can stay out of each other’s way when they are shooting. They can point each other to the other important happenings in the event if they are busy shooting elsewhere. That is why it is advised to get your wedding videographer and photographer from the same agency. Even if they don’t offer video, ask them to recommend someone suitable for the job.
  • What do you include in your packages?
    Today wedding photographers offer different packages that offer different coverage of the events. It helps to have a clear idea beforehand of exactly what you need so that you can find a suitable package without overspending on things that you may even not require. Ask them about the total costs and its breakdown. This also helps in comparing the offerings of different wedding photographers which clearly helps in choosing a photographer that fits your bill and expectations.
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Wedding Photography & Videography in the DC

At the end of the day, your pictures and video are what you have left to tell your story.  Each moment captured reflecting some detail of that day, some joke shared between friends, some touch shared by ones who love.  The music, the flowers, the cake, the linens, the theming…all the details and planning that go into any special event documenting a passage in our lives.  And the people.  Always capturing the people.  Those who were there to share, to laugh, to love, to experience, to write the story that unfolds.

Through a mixture of traditional and candid photos, we record the details and happenings of your event to preserve your memories.  Black & white, color, photojournalistic, traditional, or contemporary—whatever your preferences are, they can be reflected in our photographs. From an elaborate Hollywood production to the simplest documentary, our video editing ensures that you can relive every moment the way you remember it. We are trained to work in a low-key, unobtrusive manner. Our method is to capture the fun and excitement of the wedding without overshadowing or annoying the bride and groom by calling attention to the photographer. We insist on floating unseen throughout the event in order to capture the raw and candid essence of each wedding. By meticulously plotting the sequences of your wedding events we are confident that every moment of your day will be photographed and videotaped. We would be honored to tell your story.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we could assist in the planning of your special event.

Wedding Photography

DC Wedding Photography & Videography - AVS Photo and Video - Indian Wedding PhotographyAVS360 Photo & Video has set the standard in photography. We like to intimately work with every couple to create their unique wedding photography package. We believe that each wedding has its own uniqueness and it is the photographer’s duty to render photographs that express the brides’ unique beauty and personality. Since no two weddings are the same, often due to differing needs, personalities, budgets, and styles, we strive to customize our packages to you. We take the time and effort prior to the wedding day to closely learn about our couples’ wishes and needs. We want to tailor a photography package that caters to the individual customer needs. You can choose from our outstandingly bound Flush mount albums, or the classic coffee table albums to our stylish books. Should you desire to substitute your album style after your wedding; a credit can be issued towards the album of your choice. We are here to accommodate you.

Since photographs are the only tangible mementos of once in a life time occasion, it’s important to take great care of the images captured. All of our pictures are custom printed and retouched to make sure they are of the highest quality. By overseeing the entire finishing process, we ensure consistent and superior quality, as well and the ability to crop photographs to our clients’ specifications. We offer a large selection of archival top- of-the line wedding albums to fit every style and budget.

Most frequently, brides complain to us about having too many great images to decide on what to put in their albums. Most brides end with hundreds of photographs to sort through for one album, which can be an intimidating process. When the time comes to make the final selections, an experienced graphic designer will assist to develop a story line for the album. We invite the bride to preview the finished design before it is finalized and bound. We won’t be satisfied until the quality and sequential order of the album meets with the approval of all those involved. We take great pride not only in the high professionalism of our craft but also in the personalized care we provide our customers with.
Preview our unique custom design albums on our website.

Wedding Video

Wedding Photography & Videography in the DC - AVS Photo and Video - Indian Wedding PhotographyIt is often said that a picture captures a moment and freezes it in time.  Video captures that moment and retells it for all time.  Nothing else can capture the emotions that play across the face as vows are pledged to love for life, the gaze from a father to his daughter during her first dance, the beloved sound of cheering as the couple cut their wedding cake, or the wise words of wisdom to the new couple offered by grandparents after years of union.

Nothing but the best will do for such important subject matter.  AVS360 Photo & Video uses the finest cinematic-quality, completely portable and wireless, low-light cameras as well as incorporating aerial shots using drones, wherever posible, each camera is manned to ensure the best possible coverage of your event; nothing is left to chance.

Our professional editing team will go through the available footage of your event and weave a video production that tells the story of that special day and the people living it.  We want you to feel the way you felt on that day every time you watch this story.  To relive it and feel it all over again. We offer different editing styles, giving you options to fit your tastes and budget.

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Wedding photography – Levels Of Coverage

  • Weddings are much more than just the wedding ceremony. Each of the days before and after a marriage is equally as important and magical. While you might have made up your mind about hiring a wedding photographer and wedding videographer for your wedding day, just stop and think about it again. Different photographers offer different packages that provide different levels of coverage of your wedding. Some are strictly for the wedding function only while others are more comprehensive and cover the days before and after that. The benefit of a pre wedding and post wedding photo-shoot by an experienced wedding photographer is that the final videos and photo album can have a storyline which takes the viewer step by step through the whole wedding. This makes the end result even more appealing and emotional. Discuss with your photographer and select a package that matches your needs perfectly. Here are the events chronologically that can add more substance to your wedding video and wedding photography-

Wedding photography Levels Of Coverage | AVS360 Photography and Video DC

  • Before the ceremony – there is so much happening before the wedding ceremony even takes place. An ideal wedding photographer will capture the essence of this transformation and action. The wedding video and photographs should capture the wedding dress and the bride and bridesmaids getting ready. There should be a separate photographer to capture the groom and the groomsmen getting ready as well. The video and photos can show both the sides of the groom and bride before they finally tie the knot.
  • During the ceremony- the photographer should arrive at the event before the guests to capture the beauty of the venue and the scheme of decoration. The bride’s and groom’s parents should also be captured. The first look of the bride and groom should be focused on. Then the quintessential vows and kiss should be covered. This phase can be wrapped off with the bride and the groom walking down the aisle together.
  • After the ceremony- things don’t stop just because the ceremony has been completed. There are still so many events to capture that make for magical and memorable moments. The bride and groom are the man and women of the hour and the wedding photographer and wedding videographer should try their best to capture each of their details and actions. Here the pictures of the bride and groom together can be captured. The bride and groom should also be captured along with their families and their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Besides, the posed portraits and candid photographs should also be taken to make the overall feel of the album more personal and natural.
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10 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Professional Photographer For Your Wedding

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Photographer For Your Wedding?

With our vastly growing digital world it’s becoming more frequent that I encounter people who are debating whether they should hire a professional photographer. Why not simply take them yourself? On the other hand even better, ask a companion or a friend or relative with a decent camera catch a few pictures?Dont get us wrong! we love the fact that so many people have access to technology that can help them photograph their day to day lives; but, when it comes to important events, milestones, business head-shots, personal shoots, and your wedding, it is vital that you hire a professional!There is significantly more that goes into expert photography than having great rigging… So today, I am imparting to you the TOP TEN REASONS why you ought to contract an expert photographer.

Hire a Professional Photographer | AVS360 - Virginia Wedding Photography & Videography

You will be in the images!

All too often when taking your own photos there is someone who gets left out of them because they have to be behind the camera. Have you ever looked through some of your past images only to realize that mom or dad tends to be absent from every one of them?!

Your session with be thought out and styled!

When you book a professional portrait session your photographer will help guide you through the entire shoot from beginning to end. They will help you decide on the right location, give you helpful tips on wardrobe, and teach you how to best prepare for the session. All of these minor details can make a huge difference in your final photographs.

Quality and knowledge of equipment!

In order to achieve high-quality images, it’s important to have good equipment. Professional photographers are sure to have all the right gear to create some amazing images for you. Cameras and lenses are extremely expensive, so it’s not something that everyone invests in. Yes, it is true that some of my clients do have some great quality gear. However, it’s not just enough to have a good camera if you don’t know how to use it to get the desired photographs you want. Professional photographers have a great depth of knowledge about what types of equipment, and what camera settings you need to produce a certain image. For instance, something that my clients request quite often is images where the subject is clear but the background is very blurry. This is called bokeh ( a bunch of flowers together). And this isn’t something that an auto setting on your camera would naturally do. In order to achieve this look, it requires a specific type of lens and correct camera settings.


your photographer will take time to edit your images! Professional photographers have software like Photoshop and Light-room that they use to ensure your images are polished to a professional level. It’s important to make sure your images are properly exposed, color corrected, cropped effectively, and retouched to perfection. Knowing how to use these programs takes a great deal of learning and editing your images after your session can be a lengthy process.

Attention to detail!

Your photographer will pay attention to the details necessary for creating a great image. When posing subjects, your photographer will be able to direct you down to the smallest movement of your finger tips. With newborn photography, for example, babies are posed right down to the position of their hands. Blankets are smoothed out. Fabrics are ironed. With all sessions, the photographer ensures background clutter is removed. The time of day is carefully planned. Your position in relation to the background and other objects in the photo are thought of. The expressions on your face. Your connection to the camera or to other people is used to tell the right story. Your photographer will focus on all the little things so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Fresh eyes!

Your photographer will bring a new perspective! Creating a relationship with your photographer allows them to see you in unique ways that perhaps family and friends do not. They will offer suggestions and solutions that you haven’t seen and this will result in images that you may not have thought to capture.

It’s an investment!

When you spend money on something there is instantly more of an attachment, appreciation, and value in the item you worked for. When you pay for professional photography you are investing money into high-quality images. The goal of the session is to create final photographs that you are going to want to display on your walls throughout your home and share with others. They are going to be images that you don’t want to leave on a flash drive, in a drawer, or lost in a folder on your computer. These are images that should be up on display because they best represent you, your family, or an accomplishment in your life. We spend a great deal of time and money on our living spaces, so it’s only right to finish them off with some incredible artwork!

Professional photographers have a lot of training and experience! 

Just like with any profession, it takes years and a lot of hard work to hone photography skills. Photographers spend a lot of time and money on educating themselves. And it’s something they continue to do as technology changes and new and better equipment is created. Photographers are always studying, participating in workshops, and learning new techniques to make your photos the best they can be.

A professional is committed to you!

When you hire a professional photographer to take photographs for you, they are guaranteed to show up! For events such as your wedding, engagement, the birth of your child, pictures of your child at a certain age, family from out of town visiting and so much more, you only get one shot to capture images of this special time. A professional photographer is contractually obligated to be where they need to be, when they need to be there. You can relax knowing that they will show up ready and prepared to create some amazing images for you.

Perhaps the most important reason that you should hire a professional photographer is because you should exist in photographs and have the experience of a professional shoot!

Photography is a powerful thing. Because it’s not always just about creating beautiful images, but it’s also about the incredibly beautiful adventure it takes to get them. When you hire a professional photographer your photo session is your time! It’s your time to step away from all the craziness that is life. It’s a moment to renew love with a partner, family, friends, your parents, your children or even yourself. It’s a time to focus on you, to celebrate, to remember, to be thankful. Let’s be real, life moves quickly. And it only seems to do so faster the older we get. It’s important that we take time out every so often to reflect on all the goodness in our lives. To appreciate the people, places, and things that make us who we are.