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Engagement Videography portfolio

“Engagement videography session” is simply a couple’s video shoot session that happens prior to the wedding. It can range from a few simple shots to a full, all-day production.

Here at our photography studio, AVS360 we use all kinds of different lighting techniques and equipment to pull off the style of videography that we love. From natural light to off-camera flash, from dramatic HD videos to Hollywood style constant lighting, we pursue any and every technique that can add a unique quality and style to our shoots.

Even though we are always refining and adding new techniques to our style, the foundation of our videography is always going to be lifestyle videography using natural light. It truly is the foundation of couple’s video session. It is important to utilize and master these basics, even as you continue to add more complex and challenging techniques to your style.

Engagement Videography makes for the perfect introduction to Couples Videography because it allows us to primarily focus on our subjects, posing, storytelling, lighting and overall composition. From this foundation, add interesting lighting or post production techniques and the skies the limit! Since the majority of our clients are hiring us to shoot their wedding, the Couples Videography session they receive will be their Engagement Session.

Often couples considering us their wedding videographer asks us “why do we need to do an engagement session? Can we take it out of the package to save money?” At AVS360, we try to ensure that every client books an engagement session before their wedding for 3 very important reasons.


Get to Know the Couple:

The primary use of this engagement session is not only to create awesome video, but also to get to know the couple. Wedding days are an intimate affair, so it is crucial to grow a relationship with each couple before their big day. If you can develop a strong connection with your subjects, you will notice that they naturally let down their guard and act more like themselves when they are in front of the camera, allowing you to capture more of your client’s personality and emotion.

Learn Their Preferences:

The next benefit of an Engagement Session is to learn your client’s personal preferences and style regarding their shoots. Some couples may like to be more romantic and intimate, while others may want to avoid overly affectionate video shoot and focus more on casually having a fun day together. Either way, knowing this will help you to deliver a product that is more personalized, again not only for the Engagement Session but more importantly for the actual wedding.

Free Marketing:

The third primary benefit of doing an Engagement videography Session is, it provides free marketing for us! Often we take our clients out on an Engagement Videography session and deliver videos they absolutely love, they usually share those shoots with their friends long before the wedding and use them for display on the wedding day, and for their “thank you” cards. Essentially, they put our work in front of all the people they are close to.

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