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The flowers are dead and gone and probably in the trash somewhere. The food has been eaten and we won’t even talk about where that is now. The decorations for the wedding and reception will never look the same. The gown is at the cleaners or hanging in a closet somewhere. You wake up the day after the wedding and can’t remember the details of the ceremony or the reception. The most important and exciting reason to choose professional wedding videographer is that you’ll be able to relive that wonderful, once in a lifetime experience…a day that you planned for, worked hard for, and agonized over for months. And I mean relive it with all of the sights, sounds and movement that was so special to you each moment of the day.

Imagine going to your personal media library and pulling out a DVD of your grandparents, or even your grandparents’ wedding! The cover reads: “Our Wedding – Mark & Annie, December 12, 1942”. You place the DVD into your player and there they are with all of the sights and sounds of their day. The beautiful beaded “flapper” gown on your grandmother looks stunning as she graciously walks down the aisle carrying an arm of irises and eyes wide open in anticipation. Your grandfather is in a zoot suit! You’ve seen pictures of your ancestors from their wedding day, but now you’re actually able to hear them speak their vows and watch them dance at the reception (what are those dances all about!). Why is this so important? Of course, you didn’t know them in their youth, but more importantly, they are now gone. Grandma Annie died twelve years ago and your grandfather eight years before that. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that video to watch? That’s not usually possible unless they came from a wealthy family, or had connections in the motion picture industry. Even your parents may not have had professional videography of their wedding (professional wedding videography started around 1980). But wouldn’t it be nice to see that!

AVS360’s business is not really wedding videography. Our business is capturing and preserving history for this and future generations. We are historians. Think about this for a moment. The only way that you can be a part of documented history is if a book is written about you, or a movie made about you. Wouldn’t it be much better if you are the leading characters in the movie: a movie seen and heard by the future generations of your family?